At Northwest SkySports we offer the best value in tandem paragliding. Introductory tandem flights start at just $175.00. Have a group? No problem. We have numerous professional associate tandem instructors so you can share the experience with your friends and family. See our Tandem Flights page for more information.


We offer a wide variety of sites to fly, from the beautiful coastal site at Fort Ebey on Whidbey Island, to high, scenic flights at Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, or Blanchard Mountain near Bellingham, with some of the most incredible views of the San Juan Islands. See our Gallery for pictures taken at these amazing sites.


At Northwest SkySports, your safety is our primary concern. Our United States HangGliding Association (USHGA) certified tandem pilots are well experienced with over two thousand flights and more than ten years of paragliding experience.

Who can enjoy tandem paragliding? Well, just about anybody. We have flown with young and old, the fit, and the not so fit. We have even flown with people with physical disabilities. The dream of flight can be realized by just about anybody with the desire to try something new, something adventurous - tandem paragliding with Northwest SkySports!


Paragliding is the simplest and safest form of non-motorized, foot-launched human flight. Paragliding was invented in the 1980s in Europe by mountain climbers that were looking for an easier way back down the mountain. The first gliders were merely skydiving parachutes with modified controls. Over the years, thanks to these early pioneers, paragliders and paragliding has evolved well beyond just getting back down a mountain. Modern paragliders can soar for hours and travel great distances by catching rising columns of air called thermals. With a tandem paragliding flight at Tiger Mountain or Blanchard Mountain, we will use thermals to stay up in the air, often rising well above launch. Todays modern paragliders are a marvel of technology, being the safest form of non-motorized flight. A tandem paraglider is nearly identical to a solo paraglider. A tandem paraglider is simply larger to accomodate additional weight. Two harneses are used instead of one, with the passenger sitting in front and slightly lower than the pilot.

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